6 months

After lots of expected turbulence, I am happy to say that we celebrated 6 months of living here by celebrating it by going abroad!  I know we should celebrate it here but we are going to Budapest and Vienna instead .  We just needed an excuse to travel.  I will post photos when I return.

Honestly,  I am soooo glad we moved here.  We made the changes we were craving to make, we set out and started over.  We have achieved our short term goal and now we will focus on making it a long term deal by setting the roots we planted.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for us but NONE of this was possible without the support of our families and friends.  We miss everyone but ask you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to grow here.

Thank you for all the emails, facebook posts, texts and messages, it’s what keeps us strong.

I love you all.

Finally feeling like I live here

I was told that it would take 6 months to feel like London is my permanent home .  It’s now been about 6 months since I moved here with my husband and daughter.  I think the way I am fitting in is right on target.

We came here with one small shipment of essentials and 6 suitcases.  We didn’t have a home or friends or family.  I didn’t have a job, Mia didn’t have a school to go to.  We started from zero.  To think that we had nothing 6 months ago is simply unbelievable.

6 months later, I feel like we almost have everything!  It’s such a great feeling!  We have a cute flat we adore, we have friends that I consider real, and I reconnected with some old friends who also live here and they are like family. Mia goes to one of the top UK primary schools, she has friends she calls her best friends, she loves her daycare too and I have a full time job that makes me very happy. I work with such wonderful people and made some new friends too.   We travelled to many places in London and all over Europe already and slowly feel like I am becoming a bit British.

Mia calls me “mummy” vs “mom” and says some of her friends are “naughty” vs. “bad”.  She needs a “rubber” and not “eraser”, she drinks “wo—ta” and not “water”.  The way she talks is so cute.  I cannot wait for it to fully change.  Mine is beginning to change too.  Not my accent but my words and wording in sentences is changing for sure.  I think being brought up in the International community, I adapt.  On the other hand, Jason was born and raised in Vancouver so I don’t think he will ever talk like the Brits do.

For all of you who have just moved to other places, I can only tell you that things WILL get better and that you will adapt and enjoy!  Homesickness is normal but change is what makes life good!!




Hyper Japan 2014- late post

I went to the annual Hyper Japan in London back in November 2014.   What is this event?  Its an annual event held in London that celebrates the diversity of Japanese popular culture!  It was so much fun.  In this event, there were food stands that showcased the delicious culinary variety of Japanese foods, fashion shows, retail booths and stage of singing, dancing and my favourite part, cosplay!  I wanted to show you photos of the costumes and outfits people wore because it was so interesting to be in company of so many people who love to dress up! Im definitely coming back next year!


London Street Art

I dont know if all of you know but London is very famous for many things and one is the beautiful street art.  Its scattered around the city but a huge area of beautiful street art is located in East London called Shoreditch.  Today, we took a bus from our house to Liverpool station and walked over to Shoreditch and back to Liverpool station.  Here is just a fraction of the street art I photographed today.  I will go back to this blog post and slowly tag the actual artist but that will take some time.  Here you go: